Activity Builder
A DIY tool for creating Desmos-based activities
Start Building an Activity
What this is
Activity Builder gives you the tools to build an online, interactive Desmos-based classroom activity.
Start Simply
Have your students write an equation for a line that goes through the point (2,4), then see the lines your students create as they graph them. You’re checking a classroom set of graphs at a glance and generating something you can use for discussion at the same time.
Step It Up
You’ll probably find yourself wanting to know how your students wrote the equations for their lines. If so, you’ll want to add a question screen. Desmos gives you a teacher dashboard that lets you skim their answers as they stream in, or take a closer look while planning your next lesson.
Go For It!
Activity Builder allows you to combine text, question, and graphing screens in any number and in any order. Build a class-opening activity, an electronic exit ticket, or an entire classroom lesson.
How this works
A Desmos Class Activity is essentially a sequence of screens, each with a different task, prompt, or question. With Activity Builder, you decide what goes on each of these screens to build your own lesson from scratch.

There are three screen types: graph, question, and text. You may use as many as you like, in any order you like. You can drag to rearrange the screens, and edit your activity as many times as you need. When it’s ready, click "Create Class Code" to get a dashboard and class code for your class. Copy and paste the link to share it with other teachers. Your Activity Builder activity is available on your teacher.desmos.com browse activities page.

Graph Screen
Students can modify and add to the expression list. You can see each student’s individual screen as a thumbnail, and their collective work as an overlay.
The title gives students instructions for working on the graph.
Question Screen
Your title sets the context for the question you ask.
Add an image for students to reference as they answer the question.
You decide whether your students see what other students said.
Text Screen
Title this screen to tell students what your text is about.
Say your piece in the text box.
An image brings your words to life.
To see more of what Activity Builder can do, check out Match My Line and Match My Parabola.